Adroit Lite SCADA

Smart and Simple Adroit Software

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Mitsubishi Solar VFD

FR-D700-E12 Series

  • FR-D740-012-E12 (0.4kW)
  • FR-D740-022-E12 (0.75kW)
  • FR-D740-036-E12 (1.5kW)
  • FR-D740-050-E12 (2.2kW)
  • FR-D740-080-E12 (3.7kW)
  • FR-D740-120-E12 (5.5kW)
  • FR-D740-160-E12 (7.5kW)

Designing in the Adroit Lite Software is made easy with the Adroit Lite tools ie:

  • navigation templates
  • wizards
  • shapes.
  • the project creation wizard

Adroit Lite Features

Based on the Adroit SCADA Software architecture the users have access to various Agents when configuring the Agent Server, allowing a more object-oriented approach to configuration. Users are therefore not limited to simple tag-based configuration but have access to the full power of the Adroit SCADA, including unlimited alarming, logging, scripting and interaction to the database that allows for a far more flexible and powerful solution.


  • Scripting Supported
  • Communication Capabilities
  • Data Logging
  • IPC and OEM Bundles
  • Library of Graphics