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Adroit 10.0.5 New Features and Benefits

Service Manager

  • Pro-Active Troubleshooting

Server Activity Monitor

  • View detailed running statistics on Health of Agent Servers

Smart Data Services (SDS) Architecture

  • Enables the new Historian using WCF and other technologies to transfer historical datalog data

DB Query Agent and New Database Behaviour

  • Replaces DBAccess
  • Added the execution of a Database action from UI using new behaviour
  • Enhanced Vector Design functionality in Designer
  • Enhanced user defined Trend Configurator
    • New Drivers
    • OPCUA (Server and Client)
    • MQTT
    • Sigfox with objects
    • FAG SmartCheck
    • BACNET
  • Adroit Air – Available on IOS (Apple) and Android

MAPS 4.0.5 New Features And Benefits

  • Numerous stability enhancements
  • Improved MAPS Software architecture (Service Manager, Server activity, SDS)
  • New DBQuery and Accumulator Agents
  • Backup and Restore Enhancements
  • Multiple Vector design enhancements
  • New Behaviors (Close Operator, Database)
  • New Demo Install
  • MAPS Air (Push Notifications for iOS and Android phones)
  • MAPS Life-cycle Management now with GX Works3 (iQ-F and iQ-R PLCs) support