Nigerian Gas Project gets underway at Adroit Technologies

A delegation from Nigeria arrived in Johannesburg in November to get the project off the ground.  The Adroit Technologies team and the team from Aril Technologies were hard at work with the engineering design for the Thin Slice Test.

Preperation was made for the scope of work that is going to be done to get the project off the ground this included:

Project Management and planning, setting up of the servers, network, security and project configuration.  Design included the programming of the Q-series PLC , Modbus comm, GOT HMI set up of mimics, faceplates and comms.  Installation of applications, the setup and testing of the Adroit Software,  SQL, GXWorks3, Adroit SCADA Intelligence and Adroit Alarm Management.

The delegates also attending a training course on the M2M connection, Alarming, Report. Data Logging, Data Archiving, Logic Design and Modbus Communication.