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Necsa is a state-owned company responsible for undertaking and promoting R&D in the field of nuclear energy and radiation sciences. It is also responsible for processing source material, including uranium enrichment, and cooperate with other institutions, locally and abroad, on nuclear and related matters. Adroit SCADA monitor and record data from the Safari-1 research reactor.
Adroit Active Cluster – 2500 Scan Points and 6 Remote Client Connection


Chapelcross power station is located near Dumfries in southwest Scotland and has an area of 96 hectares covered by the nuclear site licence. Chapelcross, Scotland’s first commercial nuclear power station, was built on a World War II training airfield in Dumfriesshire, ideally located for access to cooling water pumped from the River Annan, approximately two miles away. It was built by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) to produce 200 Mega Watts of electrical power to the grid system. Electricity generation started in 1959. Adroit SCADA is used for capturing and logging of data at a very high scan rate.
Adroit Active Cluster – 1500 Scan Points and 6 Remote Client Connection

Dungeness Magnox

Dungeness A Site occupies about a quarter of a 91-hectare civil nuclear site on the Kent coast in an area of Special Scientific Interest. Dungeness is the site of two advanced gas-cooled reactors (AGR) of 615MW each, which began operations in 1983 and 1985 respectively. Dungeness was the first commercial-scale AGR power station to be constructed. Adroit SCADA is used for monitor and logging of process data.
Adroit Active Cluster – 300 Scan Points

Dounreay Nuclear Research Facility

Dounreay is located in Caithness, Scotland and has a total site area of 74 hectares. It was established in the mid-1950s as a research reactor site with fuel production and processing facilities. Adroit is used for monitoring, logging and alarming system for the process.
Adroit Stand-Alone Server – 1500 Scan Points and 2 Remote Client Connection


EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and its largest producer of low-carbon electricity. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the EDF Group, one of Europe’s largest energy groups, we generate around one fifth of the UK’s electricity and employ around 15,000 people. Adroit is used to monitor and operate the Emergency Plume Gamma Monitoring System (EPGMS) at 5 EDF Nuclear Power Stations.
Adroit Active Cluster – 5000 Scan Points and 6 Remote Client Connection

Trident Nuclear Submarines

The Trident submarines are Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine, nuclear- powered, able to remain submerged for long periods without surfacing, virtually undetectable when submerged. The Trident submarines have been the only British nuclear weapon system in service. Its stated purpose is to provide “the minimum effective nuclear deterrent as the ultimate means to deter the most extreme threat. Adroit SCADA is used as the Machinery Surveillance System Monitoring system on each submarine.
Adroit Active Cluster – 2500 Scan Points and 10 Remote Client Connection per submarine

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