Optimal Water Treatment and Distribution using MAPS and Mitsubishi

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For over 50 years, Mitsubishi Electric has provided cutting-edge, reliable solutions for water treatment automation in Japan and around the world. Mitsubishi Electric offers a broad lineup of energy-efficient inverters and control systems that can seamlessly integrate with the Mitsubishi Adroit Product Suite (MAPS) SCADA system. Through open networks and high-reliability controllers, we deliver integrated, flexible systems with future-proof expandability, for streamlined data management, analysis and energy management in-field and upstream.

The Netherlands – Waterschap Hunze & Aa’s

213,000 hectares of land
424,000 inhabitants
28 kilometres of seawall
500 kilometres of canal dikes
3525 kilometres of channels

Hunze en Aa‘s a direct Adroit Technologies customer signed a TA (Technology Agreement) with MEU and use MAPS to improve and upgrade the systems at the plant.

  • Surface Level Control
    • Advanced control and management is the key to ensuring an uninterrupted water supply. Water automation solutions differ globally, the actual needs of customers in long-developed regions like Europe differ from those of the rapidly growing countries of Asia. In both cases, water providers turn to the Mitsubishi Electric and MAPS solution for the answer. Water treatment and distribution are the most vital of our lifelines.
      • TMX  No standard
      • DataWatt  No standard
      • MAPS /Adroit SCADA
  • Sewage Pump Stations
    • TMX  No standard
    • DataWatt  No standard
    • MAPS /Adroit SCADA
  • Waste Water Plants
    • Wastewater treatment is an energy-intensive process. Our Mitsubishi Electric and MAPS wastewater treatment solution will not only optimise and maintain the uninterrupted flow of operations with reliability but also improve efficiency in every area from man-hours to energy savings.
      • Mitsubishi Electric and Beckhoff PLC
      • MAPS /Adroit SCADA

Hunze en Aa’s wants to upgrade to a new User Interface and wants to add SCADA Intelligence software

Project Scope and Solution

  • 100 Sewage Pump Stations
  • 200 Surface Level Control Pump Stations
  • 600 Weirs
  • 13 Wastewater Plants
  • MAPS is running on virtual cloud servers
  • 13 independent MAPS Servers 2500 – 5000 points each
  • 5 independent MAPS Servers 80,000 points each
  • 30 Remote MAPS Clients to every MAPS Server
  • Total number of used Scan points: 275.000
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