PLC – GX Works3 – System simulation

PLC – GX Works3

System simulation, SD card function (webserver, file manipulation)

PLC – GX Works3

1. System Simulator setup

      1.1 Start System Simulation window

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 18

      1.2 Add System

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 19

      1.3 Add virtual SD card

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 20

      1.4 Connect simulation

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 21

      1.5 Connect plc to the system

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 22

      1.6 Add files to the Virtual SD card

            You can only add files before start system simulator. If you would like to modify of the content of the memoy card, you have to stop the system simulator.

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 23

            You can reach content of the SD card via the file Explorer. Just need to double click on the VirtualSDMemoryCard and copy the neccessary files.

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 24

      1.7 Start Simulator

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 25

      1.8 Write project to the Simulator 

      The attached example contains the webserver setup.

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 26

2. Test

      2.1 Webserver

            Both system webpage and user webpage can be use in the simulator.

            For the detailed webserver setup please read the relevant part of the manual.


PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 27

            Apply the settings and write the modificaton of the System simulator.

            Start he browser (for example Chrome, Edge) in your computer with the appropriet port number of the web server:

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 28

             For example: http://localhost:20111

            Sytem webpage

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 29

User webpage

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 30

      2.2 File read from CSV

            Use the attached gx works 3 program to read out the values from the CSV file. It contains a few value.


PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 31

            Force M310 ON, and check the buffer

PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 32
PLC - GX Works3 - System simulation 33

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