Programmable Logic Controller


FX5 Compact PLC

The new FX5 PLCs offer the means to drive up innovation in numerous machine control applications and automation tasks, giving the users the functionality and flexibility to realise new ideas and increase system performance.

FX3UC Compact PLC

The new FX3UC complements the popular FX3U high-end compact PLC and is the ideal choice for applications where there is not much space for the controller hardware.  Are you looking for a control solution with power to spare? Then the FX3UC may be what you are looking for.

FX3GE Compact PLC

The FX3GE series is the most versatile compact PLC from Mitsubishi Electric and introduces yet another top model to the FX3 range. The FX3GE also boasts integral analog inputs/outputs and Ethernet connectivity.

Q-Series PLC

IQ is the world’s only control platform combining all common automation disciplines on a single rack. Complete integration offers significant cost reduction.

L-Series PLC

The L series is a powerful but compact modular controller with many features built-in to the CPU itself. With its excellent cost performance and usability it is ideal for use in mid-size control applications.