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MELSEC Q-series

Unprecedented level of performance…

The next generation Q Series Improved Productivity Easy Maintenance More User Friendly has arrived!

Universal model: QnU” is the next generation MELSEC-Q Series. It is an ideal solution for users who want to increase productivity and processing speed of large-volume production information, which is critical for traceability. The ultra-fast basic operation processing speed can greatly improve system performance. Furthermore, the design concepts inherited from the Q Series make it more user-friendly and reliable.This new generation programmable controller will bring your systems to the next level!

High speed, high capacity

In order to support highly complex applications and equipment, the “Universal model: QnU” provides the fastest data processing operations available. Additionally, machine control using a multi-CPU system can achieve even greater speed and accuracy.Memory capacity has been increased to store larger numbers of programs and allow more control and production management data to be handled.

Built-in Ethernet/USB port

Ethernet is standard at the top layer of information networks. To improve the ability to connect with the top layer, the Universal model CPUs (Q03U and up) each include a built-in Ethernet version. Also, USB ports are now standard on all models for increased convenience.

Enhanced lineup

LowEnhanced lineup] and ultra-high capacity models have been added to the lineup of Universal QnU programmable controllers. Choose from a range of program capacities (10 k to 1,000 k steps) to meet the specific needs of the application