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Adroit Technologies concerns itself mainly with R&D, production, marketing sales, training and support of software products for Automation, SCADA, MIS and MES solutions. In addition, Adroit Technologies has a professional services arm, known as Adroit Technologies Technical Services that consults in and develops customised industrial IT, MIS and MES solutions for Customers.

According to the IEA, renewable energy is now the fastest growing sector in the energy mix and accounts for almost a fifth of all the electricity produced worldwide.  The world’s total primary energy supply has increased from just below 6,000 Mtoe in 1971 to just over 12,000 Mtoe in 2009 with oil dropping from a total of 42% 1973 to 32.8% in 2009. With rapidly expanding residential and commercial areas, reliable power supply to customers requires continuous monitoring and control. Adroit SCADA is not bound to any specific hardware type, has a library of free drivers to connect to any PLC together with high availability hot-standby solutions which makes it an ideal choice in an industry where robustness and reliability are key. Adroit SCADA offers great flexibility to customers.

The Adroit architecture and openness offer the Power utilities a unique capability of not only traditional SCADA/HMI functionality but the ability to integrate all aspects of their operations. Whether the application is solar, wind, coal, nuclear or gas generated, Adroit is the ideal platform for this industry. By adopting a more holistic approach to operations management significant savings and operational efficiencies can be realised. And in an industry that is so critical to our everyday lifestyle, Adroit is uniquely placed to ensure a superior quality of supply in all aspects of the operations and management of these facilities.

Adroit is suited for even the most complex Power and nuclear infrastructures

Kelvin Power Station

Kelvin Power produces power for the South African electrical grid. It has the capacity for 6 x 30mw and 7 x 60mw generators. Adroit is central to the information system utilised with24-hour24 hour operations, presently contains approximately 12,000 tags collected from multi-vendor equipment with various serial and Ethernet.

Adroit Stand-Alone Server – 25,000 Scan Points and 1 Remote Client Connection

Berkel Centrale, Netherlands

Datawattls reputation in the area of monitoring and remote control of geographically wide-spread processes is undisputed.  Technically advanced and innovative solutions are applied in various processes in the water, energy, oil and gas market and industry.  Remote control, monitoring, supervision and automation are invaluable for these processes. Berkel Centrale 58MW Gas Turbine Power Station Netherlands.

Adroit Stand-Alone Server – 75 Scan Points

Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station, UK

E.ON UK is a leading energy company in the UK and second largest electricity generator in the UK. Ratcliffe-on-Soar is a coal-fired power station operated by E.ON UK at Ratcliffe-on-Soar in Nottinghamshire, England. Commissioned in 1968 by the then Central Electricity Generating Board, the station has a capacity of 2,000 MW.

Adroit Stand-Alone Server – 2500 Scan Points and 16 Remote Client Connection

EDF Hartlepool Power Station

Hartlepool power station is a nuclear power station situated on the northern bank of the mouth of the River Tees, 2.5 mi (4.0 km) south of Hartlepool in County Durham, North East England. The station has a net electrical output of 1,190 megawatts, which is 2% of Great Britain’s peak electricity demand of 60 GW. Electricity is produced through the use of two advanced gas-cooled reactors (AGR). Hartlepool was only the third nuclear power station in the United Kingdom to use AGR technology. Hartlepool power station was also the first power station to be built as close to a major urban area.

Adroit is central to the information system with 24-hour monitor and control from multi-vendor equipment with various serial and Ethernet.

Adroit Active Cluster – 5000 Scan Points and 4 Remote Client Connection