Asset and Energy Management in Retail 

We know how to sell baked beans….can you help us get a handle on our assets, energy usage and costs?”

An innovative approach to digital Asset and Energy Management in the Retail and Industrial Sectors through integration of standard IoT hardware and software platforms

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Empowering Retail with Energy Intelligence: Adroit Technologies Lighting the Way to Sustainable Savings for Retail Outlets

Adroit Technologies was approached by Energy Capital to design, engineer and deliver an asset and energy reduction solution to the RK Group which owns one of the largest retail outlets. The basis is that retail owners know very little about energy, but it makes up a great portion of the overhead of the business and cost pressures require an innovative approach to be able to continuously reduce and manage these costs.

The business requirements were that the system needed to:

  • Monitor the asset base to assist in changing behaviour to reduce energy consumption
  • To be cloud-based as the retail management does not have the skills to maintain an on-premise SCADA system
  • To be able to allow KPI’s to be measured across various retail outlets regards energy performance
  • Each site is different, and the system needs to be flexible to be rolled out over various sites
retail and energy management in retail using iiot

The Energy Overview and Management Screens

Energy Overview
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