Use the selection tool to help select the correct Mitsubishi product.

The selection tool will enable you to specify your requirements in order to get the correct pricing from one of our Sales Engineers.

The combination of MELSEC iQ-F Series, MELSEC iQ-R Series, MELSEC-Q Series, MELSEC-L Series programmable controllers and various modules can be selected.

  • Quickly visualize the number of I/O points and total current consumption required for modules during selection.
  • “Purchase list” with selected module name and quantity can be printed.
  • “Configuration chart” based on selected models can be printed.

FX programmable controllers can be selected easily!

Combining FX1S,FX3S,FX3GC,FX3G,FX3UC,FX3U programmable controllers and various expansion equipment together, a wide range of selection is available.

  • During selection, the remaining I/O points and power capacity can be viewed at a glance.
  • Purchase List (list price and subtotal) and System Overview (external dimensions and I/O device number) can be output.

The GOT Model Selection Tool can be used to select the GOT2000 Series and the GOT1000 Series GOT main units, communication units, option units, options, and the cables for use to connect to Mitsubishi Electric programmable controllers.

  • • In “Display List”, selected unit names and the number of selected units can be copied to a clipboard.
  • • “Connection Diagram” based on selected units can be displayed.

Selection Tools