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Senior PLC Project Engineer

Job Overview

  • Job Description: Senior PLC Project Engineer
  • Type: Non-AA/EE
  • Position: Mid to Senior Level
  • Location: Adroit Technologies, Fourways, Johannesburg
  • Organization: Balanced Functional Organization
  • Department: Adroit Technical Support & Project Department.
  • Reporting: Will report to the Support and Projects Manager
  • Experience: +5 years of PLC-related projects
  • Employment Type: Full-Time

Benefits :

  • Competitive salary based on your level of experience and education.
  • We provide in-house training on all our products to our employees free of charge.
  • Opportunities for growth within a leading automation and control solutions company.
  • A dynamic and collaborative project environment.
  • Exposure to a variety of industrial projects and technologies.
  • Flexible hybrid working arrangements for full-time employees.

Employment Profile

We are looking for a seasoned PLC engineer who possesses a fervour for automation and SCADA development and project initiatives. This role requires adaptability to occasional travel, the ability to thrive in collaborative and solo work settings, self-driven motivation, and a strong aptitude for overseeing projects from their conceptualization to successful execution. Additionally, we provide a hybrid work arrangement for our full-time staff, and our workplace is characterized by its dynamic nature, offering diverse and stimulating projects spanning multiple industries.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Planning and designing of PLC/MAPS Automation solutions.
  • Interpretation and understanding of P&ID diagrams and electrical wiring diagrams.
  • Write technical documentation, such as Functional Design and specifications and Process Descriptions.
  • Write programs and procedures using ladder or developed function blocks.
  • Configuration, engineering, implementation, and commissioning of PLC projects.
  • Configuration of PLC networks.
  • Setting up MS servers, networks, and MS security.
  • System maintenance, product support, and fault finding.
  • Strong understanding of instrumentation, wiring, and fault finding.
  • Familiarity with Mitsubishi PLC, VFD, and GOT products.
  • Ensure that we, as a team, meet the planned project objectives, and customer requirements.
  • Timely feedback, timesheets, site audit reports, and project signoffs will be expected.
  • Perform Service Level Agreement audit and standby duties.
  • Provide knowledge and customer product support, troubleshooting existing installations remotely or in the field.


  • A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, computer science, automation, mechatronics or a related discipline will certainly count in your favour.
  • Experience with Adroit and Mitsubishi products is highly beneficial.

Skills and abilities:

  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot and debug PLC systems.
  • Proficient in using PLC programming software
  • Able to program using C++, C#, and Java or similar languages is highly beneficial.
  • Must be able to write technical documentation, such as Functional Design & Specifications, and Configuration Standards Documents.
  • Able to read and interpret P&ID diagrams, electrical wiring diagrams, and SCADA system network architectures.
  • Excellent hardware and OS knowledge both on desktops PC’s and IPC’s
  • Good understanding of virtualised environments
  • Good understanding of the interfacing between the Information Technology and the Operational Technology environments

Soft skills:

  • Must be neat, presentable, and well-organized.
  • Diligent and able to take ownership.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy in work.
  • Adaptable and open to learning new technologies, techniques, and systems.
  • Ability to work effectively on your own or as part of a team.


  • Must have your own transportation to and from our offices.
  • Regular working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • Occasional overtime work might be required.
  • Willingness to travel and work on-site as required.

If you are a skilled PLC Engineer with a passion for automation and control systems and meet the requirements outlined above, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join our team at Adroit Technologies and be part of innovative projects that drive excellence in the field of industrial automation and control.

How to Apply:

For your application to be considered, please email your CV to

Typical questions:

  1. Tell us about your experience in specifying PLC solutions for industrial projects. Can you provide an example of a project where you excelled in this area?
  2. How do you utilize P&ID diagrams and electrical wiring diagrams in your work? Could you share a specific project where these diagrams played a crucial role?
  3. Describe your proficiency in ladder programming, can you provide an example of a challenging ladder logic you’ve developed?
  4. Have you worked with function blocks in PLC programming? Can you give an example of a project where you applied function blocks effectively?
  5. Can you explain the process of assembling and setting up a server on a network for industrial automation purposes? What challenges have you encountered in doing so?
  6. How do you approach the configuration of PLC networks? What considerations are important when setting up and maintaining a reliable network?
  7. Are you familiar with Mitsubishi Products (PLC, VFD, and GOT in particular)? Can you provide examples of projects where you have used these products to achieve specific automation goals?
  8. How do you handle situations where unexpected issues or delays arise in a project, and how do you communicate these challenges to the project manager and team?
  9. How do you start initiating a project handed to you? Describe some processes and techniques you would follow.
  10. Have you worked with SCADA systems, specifically Adroit SUI SCADA or MAPS? How do you approach the configuration and management of SCADA systems for industrial applications?
  11. What are your salary expectations?
  12. Do you consider yourself the right candidate for this position and why?

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