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Mitsubishi Servo Systems

The GOT offers the art of design and manufacturing to the world.

Mitsubishi Servo System – advanced and flexible

Improve machine reliability with Servo-based maintenance

High-performance, flexible, and easy-to-use servo systems for every application

Industry-leading performance MELSERVO supports various system configurations. Going beyond servo amplifiers and servo motors, Mitsubishi Electric offers system-level solutions that include programmable controllers,
Motion controllers, and networks that satisfy a broad scope of needs.

The Mitsubishi Electric’s servo amplifiers support motors from rotary servo motors to linear servo motors and direct drive motors and greatly enhance system performance. Mitsubishi Electric servos support a wide variety of distribution and material handling systems. High-speed material handling and high-accuracy positioning with our servos promote efficiency and labour savings in your production and handling line.

Servo Systems

FA Integrated Selection Tool

Our FA Integrated Selection tool is designed to help you to select the correct components to match their system requirements.
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Integrated Maintenance Functions

Predictive Maintenance

• Machine Diagnosis Function
• Artificial Intelligence – Maisart
• Monitor deterioration (Wear)
• Warning/Alarms

Preventative Maintenance

• Machine Diagnosis Function
• Servo Amplifier Life Diagnosis
– Total power-on time
– Inrush current counts

Corrective Maintenance

• Servo System Data Recording
• Graph function
• Alarm history
• Waring/Alarms

Features that make the difference in:

Safer Environment

  • • 2006/42/EC Accreditation
  • • Built-in comprehensive safety function
  • • Safe Torque Off (STO) as standard
  • • SS1, SBC, SLS, SS

Setup and Tuning

  • • “One-Touch-tuning”
  • • Suppression of mechanical vibration
  • • Machine resonance suppression filter
  • • Fast installation and set-up

Intelligent Functionality

  • • Machine diagnostic function
  • • Vibration suppression control
  • • Life diagnosis control
  • • 22bit absolute encoder fitted as standard


  • • Up to 192 synchronized servo axes
  • • High-speed controller and single-axis positioning modules available
  • • Easy to use plug-and-play positioning solutions

Energy Saving

  • • Regenerative energy capability
  • • Power monitor function
  • • Multi-axes servo amplifier helps reduce wiring and space

High-Speed Network

  • • SSCNETIII/H high-speed motion network
  • • Servo data exchanged in real-time
  • • Central control for parameter settings & monitoring

Document Downloads

AC Servo System MELSERVO-J5

Simple Solution Catalogue


Machine Realiability

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Machine Maintenance Improves Reliability

Machine Maintenance Improves Reliability
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