Adroit Smart UI Solutions

Adroit Technologies concerns itself mainly with research and development, production, marketing sales, training and support of software products for Automation, SCADA, MIS and MES solutions. In addition, Adroit has a professional services arm known as Adroit Technologies Technical Services, that consults in and develops customised industrial IT, MIS and MES solutions for customers.

The Adroit architecture and openness offer customers a unique capability of not only traditional SCADA/HMI functionality but the ability to integrate all aspects of their operations. No matter what the application, Adroit is the ideal platform for any industry. By adopting a more holistic approach to operations management significant savings and operational efficiencies can be realised. Adroit is uniquely placed to ensure a superior quality of supply in all aspects of the operations and management of facilities.

Smart UI combines real-time graphics, MIS, MES and ERP information with operational feedback support by way of reporting and key performance indicators. Through a single relevant view of the data, retrieved from multiple functional areas of the business a complete integrated solution is created. The primary purpose is to collaborate with data from a number of sources and enable this data to be accessed and manipulated by one or more client whether local, LAN or internet based.

Data security and protection is achieved through encryption and compression combined with a security model integrated with MS Active Directory. The Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) ensures scalability and interoperability. Customers can benefit from Smart UI’s easy collaboration between different data sources and types and the familiarity of Windows’ forms based design and environment.

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Wizard driven database form generation
  • Supports multiple data sources
  • Central management and auto-deployment
  • Multiple language support
  • Internet-enabled communications
  • Support for vector graphics and importing of XAML objects
  • SDK for data source development
  • Secure and easy access to disparate data sources