Adroit Product Suite Overview

Software Overview Adroit SCADA

Adroit is highly-scalable. From stand-alone systems to typical larger Adroit configurations that involve many Agent Servers (I/O Servers) and Operators running on several different physical computers connected in a network – local or remote, employing Smart Client technology – with transparent and seamless communications taking place between presentation and data tiers of the DNA model.

Adroit may therefore be succinctly described as an open, portable, object-based set of process automation tools and components, structured around the Windows DNA architecture, and hosted on operating systems from the post-Microsoft Windows operating system family.

In Adroit it is possible to configure your own templates that include real-time and static attributes. By creating a physical hierarchy for a process and deploying instances of these templates within that hierarchy allows the Adroit system to build all the Agents, Scanning, and Alarming required automatically and seamlessly as you configure your system.

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