Adroit Ignite Quick Start Guide

The Adroit Ignite Quick Start Guide document is designed to help the new user install, configure and get an understanding of the various Adroit Ignite sub-systems. In addition,  to assist a new user in understanding the Adroit Ignite approach to SCADA/HMI project development and concepts surrounding the Adroit Ignite product.

For more information:  Adroit Ignite HMI Website


Adroit Ignite Product Description

The Adroit Ignite HMI software is a great value for money Windows based HMI software product that leverages the premium Adroit software from Adroit Technologies.

Create advanced, secure and integrated solutions that deliver value to your applications. The Adroit Ignite HMI and related software products provide the latest automation software for general industrial users including utilities, telecommunications, food and beverage, manufacturing, life sciences, mining and mineral processing, IoT, Smart Cities or building and facilities management industries.

The Adroit Ignite HMI takes raw data from front end devices like a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC’s) or Remote Telemetry Units (RTU’s) in the process field and transforms it into an easy to understand graphical representation, whilst adding the ability to log history, do alarming and eventing.

For more information:  Adroit Ignite HMI Website


Adroit Ignite Technical Description

Adroit Ignite is the product and result of the experience gained in supplying thousands of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Human Machine Interface (HMI), and other real-time industrial software and information systems to customers in over 25 countries over a period of more than 30 years.

It represents a combination of the key requirements for a Windows-based secure, network and Internet-centric software toolkit that can be readily be tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of applications and industries.  Simultaneously it still preserves a common basic underlying design approach.

Adroit Ignite is a derivative of the Adroit Enterprise SCADA/HMI software. Designed for entry-level and small HMI projects. Adroit Ignite is designed for OEM customers and Systems Integrators wanting a well-priced scalable and easy to use HMI software, with virtually no limits.

For more information:  Adroit Ignite HMI Website


E-Manual Viewer 1.22Y

This product allows users to browse Mitsubishi FA electronic book manual “e-Manual” and to cross-search multiple e-Manuals for keywords.

The e-Manual allows you to consolidate all necessary documents into one database. The features are as follows. Once you download the e-Manual, you can browse it in a local (offline) environment.

  • Download and update the latest document easily on the spot.
  • Search for required information across multiples documents.
  • Search for the hardware specifications of the product from the appearance intuitively.
  • Bookmark the pages you often browse and manage all the required information independently.
  • Customize the documents by adding useful information as a note freely.
  • Import various registered data easily to another computer.
  • Copy a sample control program, etc. contained in the document easily.
  • Share documents and notes with other users

iQ Works

iQ Works is an integrated software suite consisting of GX Works3, MT Works2, GT Works3, RT ToolBox3 and FR Configurator2, which are used to program Mitsubishi Electric automation products. Software integration is enhanced with Navigator as the central system configuration incorporating an easy-to-use, graphical user interface with additional project-sharing features such as system labels and parameters. The advantages of this powerful integrated software suite are that system design is made much easier with a substantial reduction in repetitious tasks, cutting down on errors while helping to reduce the overall TCO.

GT Works3

This is a complete HMI programming, screen creation and maintenance program for GOTs. The software’s functionality has been built around the concepts of ease of use, simplification, elegance in design and screen graphics.

CC-Link IE TSN Product Catalog

The CC-Link IE TSN module can operate either as a master or local station. Control communication requiring real-time performance and TCP/IP communication can be mixed, maximizing CC-Link IE TSN performance and functionality.

Supporting standard Ethernet enables various network-compatible devices and diagnostic software to be used, realizing an integrated network infrastructure that is easy to maintain. Ethernet communications supporting TCP/IP communication such as information that has been collected and analyzed by edge devices and IT systems can be mixed in the same line with the real-time control communications of CC-Link IE TSN.

CC-Link IE Product Catalog

General, motion and safety control integrated into one network CC-Link IE incorporates generic distributed control, synchronous motion control, and safety control enabling safety communications across multiple safety devices, all on the same network. The
topology is quite versatile, based on twisted-pair cables, which enables flexibility in system configuration while helping to keep installation cost low.

HMI Family – Visualisation Tools

Mitsubishi Electric sets high standards with its technologies in human machine communication. Multi-Touch/Gesture Control, as nowadays known from tablets, simplify handling and maintenance significantly.

High performance, market leading, operator terminals are the result of intelligent yet carefully planned design. Therefore the data access is possible e.g. via the front panel USB interface or via VNC Remote Access.

Direct connection to an Oracle-, SQL- or Access-database through the MES functionality gives users greater access to operational data from across their entire plant – down to the shop floor.

Data of controllers or devices for temperature registration can be stored with the data logging function. These data can be displayed as a diagram or a list. Data can also be exported to a computer for further analysis.

All HMI devices are able to collect data from different FA applications and provide them as graphic or text. Integrated functions for troubleshooting make error diagnostic easy and the effort in time and costs is minimised.

The Automation Book

Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation is synonymous with innovative, high quality products. Our programmable logic controllers, drive solutions and industrial robots are among the most powerful on the market, and have been contributing to the success of European manufacturing for over 35 years.

In the world of manufacturing, change is omnipresent. To ensure our products reflect the current needs of customers, we base every aspect of product development and production on the voice of the market. To keep our high levels of product reliability, we incorporate a quality control program that leaves nothing to chance, resulting in the high level of quality synonymous with the Mitsubishi Electric name.

Mitsubishi Electric products are widely regarded as being among the most innovative in the industry. In terms of volume, one in three PLCs in the world today is a Mitsubishi Electric. Indeed, some of our competitors use Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative power management technology in their own frequency inverters.

When all these factors are taken together, it is no  wonder our customers think of Mitsubishi Electric’s automation products as leading the market.