Adroit Enterprise OEE Product Manual

The Enterprise OEE is a vertical product that seamlessly integrate with an existing SCADA system or can be implemented as a Stand-alone product. If implemented with the existing SCADA it however requires its own licenses and is not price with the tag configuration as the SCADA although it do add additional Scan points to the system.

The Enterprise OEE takes Raw inputs from a front end devices like a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and store the information in a structured way in the SQL database from where it can be analysed through reports to provide clear and accurate data on the customers process performance.

Adroit Enterprise OEE Technical Description

Adroit Enterprise OEE has built-in management and real-time performance reporting and early detection of problems means less downtime and production losses.

With Adroit Enterprise OEE, companies can anticipate events that represent efficiency and savings – allowing focus on preventative maintenance, machine failure root cause etc.

Live data provided by the Adroit Enterprise OEE solutions can provide insights and knowledge to reduce unplanned downtime, increase throughput speed and quality whilst identifying unplanned stoppages that ultimately lead to greater profitability.

This document will serve to guide the user through the standard setup procedures and will describe all related information on the various components of the Adroit Enterprise OEE system.

Adroit Enterprise OEE Training Manual

The Adroit Enterprise OEE Training Manual.


The following modules are included:-

  • Supervisor Training
  • Quality Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Tool Setter Training
  • Planner Training

Company Profile

Adroit Technologies is a privately held South African-based automation software development company and has been developing award-winning real-time software for the industrial automation markets for over 30 years.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV acquired 15% of the shareholding in Adroit Technologies.  Since this acquisition, they have successfully been promoting the Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite (MAPS), as well as Adroit’s world-class SCADA, Alarm Management and SCADA Intelligence software throughout Europe. Mitsubishi products are known worldwide for quality and they guarantee customer satisfaction. Consequently, Adroit Technologies was appointed in the Sub-Saharan Africa region as Authorised Distributor of the Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation range of products, in February of 2012.  We have full confidence in their products and we are the distributor based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In addition, Adroit Technologies offers professional services to its customers in the form of consulting, project management, project execution, support and training in areas of industrial control systems, as well as manufacturing execution systems, management information systems and more recently have built up a deep knowledge of the IIoT space and technologies.