The Powerful Adroit Add-in for MS Excel

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The Adroit Add-in for MS Excel

The standard installation includes a very powerful EXCEL plug-in that allows a live connection to an Agent Server and allows users to bulk engineer Agents on the fly in real-time. This saves an enormous amount of engineering time. All the Agents, Scanning, and Alarming can be freely configured and imported to your project Agent Server.

Third-party applications can then be used for offline editing and modification prior to re-Import into an Agent Server load file.

However, Adroit offers an Excel Add-in Tool that assists with the bulk configuration of tags. The Adroit Add-in for MS Excel is a bulk offline configuration tool for your Adroit agent database file, which is primarily intended for advanced users.

In addition to being a bulk SCADA configuration tool, this tool allows you to:

  • Configure the security and auditing properties of the required agents and their slots
  • Create report/s that display Adroit Agent Values
  • View historical data of a logged tag.
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Configuration Templates

Configure/Modify the Agent types and slots (Analog, Digital etc)
Engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced with the preassembled modules, wizards and templates available in the library. There is a single point of configuration, deployment and management which allows for bulk engineering. The wizard and template approach to projects reduces the time spent on design and configuration utilising the bulk import/export functionality. Use EXCEL tools to construct the SCADA database.

For more information contact or your Sales Engineer

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