The New FR-A840M Model

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Slim structure:  Enclosure cost reduction
Built-in DC reactor, EMC filter, and brake transistor: Less wiring work and less space required
Highly protective structure (IP20): Higher safety and reliability ensured by covering charged sections

Enclosure cost reduction
The 390-mm-wide slim design saves enclosure space.
Reduced enclosure size helps keep the cost down.

Wire and Space Saving
A DC reactor and an EMC filter*1 are built in the inverter. The built-in brake transistor model is also available.
Less wiring work and less space for the peripheral devices are required.

Higher safety and reliability

  • The inverter alone has the protection level of IP20. The charged sections are covered, ensuring safety during the maintenance of the enclosure.
  • The cooling fan can be replaced without disconnecting the main circuit wiring. Maintenance of the inverter can be carried out smoothly.
  • The enclosure can be downsized by protruding the heat exhausting section (heat sink) using the panel through attachment (to be supported). The protective structure is higher compared to other models, as the protection level is IP55 between internal and external regions.

Download technical document HERE

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