Adroit Enterprise OEE

The gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity

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The Quest to Improve Productivity

The quest for improving productivity in the current global competitive environment has led to a need for rigorously defined performance-measurement systems in the manufacturing processes.

Every manufacturer’s goal is to be an efficient and cost-effective producer. In today’s challenging environment when customers demand high-quality products at the best value to their business, few manufacturers are able to attain high-level productivity and low costs.

Many of these manufacturers use a disciplined approach to identify the best way to make improvements. In short, they have discovered the power of OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness. By recognizing the “hidden factory” within, they have improved performance and production that contributes directly to the bottom line.  Using Quality, Speed and Performance in the assessment of production equipment provides valuable information for improving productivity. Mostly the focus is directed towards time loss due to breakdowns rather than losses in speed and time. To implement a total productive maintenance (TPM) strategy, it is necessary to assess the magnitude of different types of production inefficiencies, in order to allocate resources optimally.

The Adroit Enterprise OEE is a highly effective performance management tool, which evaluates how effectively a manufacturing operation is performing. Adroit Enterprise OEE can be used on single or multiple production lines and from one to a number of plants. It is suitable for all types of manufacturing including discrete, continuous or batch processes.

It’s possible to achieve significant performance gains in your manufacturing facility by using Adroit Enterprise OEE as a management tool.

With the Adroit Enterprise OEE solution, manufacturers can identify problems, constraints, and bottlenecks within the production systems. Manufacturers are able to visualize shop-floor performance in real-time and are able to anticipate events that represent efficiency and savings, allowing the focus on preventative maintenance, machine failure and root cause analysis. Live data provides insights and knowledge and assists in the reduction of unplanned downtime and stoppages.