Training Delegate Course Evaluation

  • Our Mission

    Enabling our customers to achieve their most challenging goals through a partnership that is driven by innovation and guided by integrity.
  • Strictly Confidential Evaluation

    Your open and honest participation in this short evaluation process will assist us to grow our products and services, for the greater good of our customers. Rate us on the areas you wish to, and do add additional comments wherever you wish.
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  • Overall Evaluation

    This section focuses on the overall presentation of the course and the trainer.
  • This includes your interaction with our staff, cleanliness, training room setup, as well as food and beverages served.
  • This includes your interaction with the trainer. Consider if he was clear and understandable and if he presented the information to you in a manner that you were comfortable with. Also consider the areas of practical and demonstrative activities in the course.
  • Personal Evaluation

    This section focuses more on your own personal gain from attending this training course.
  • Based on what you expected to gain from attending this course, were your expectations met or achieved? Have you gained some new and valuable knowledge?
  • This could be any items within the product or of a more applicable nature that could assist you in your area of work at the site/plant.
  • Select all the courses you would be interested in attending (press and hold "CTRL" then click on all the ones you want to select).
  • This could be any part of one of our products that you feel would be of value to you to learn more about, but there is not a course available for it as yet.
  • Thank You!

    Thank you so much for your time and effort to complete our evaluation. This will help us to create a better training service to you!