Variable Speed Drive


Innovative Functions and Reliable Technology


Top-class drive performance in harsh environments

Support for major networks such as Profibus, CC-Link and DeviceNET.

Trouble - free and user friendly, simple operation, and machine analysis

One-touch digital dial and 7 segment LED display

Network Capability

Comes with both a USB port and a connection for Modbus-RTU as standard equipment.  The integrated PLC functionality allows direct access to all the drive parameters and it can take over plant management as an autonomous control and monitoring unit if required. The frequency inverters also comply with international network standards such as CC-Link, CC-Link IW Field, Profibus DP, Profinet, EtherNet IP / DeviceNet and LonWorks

PLC and Autotuning Functions

Inverter control such as inverter operations triggered by input signals, signal output based on inverter operation status, and monitor output can be freely customized based on the machine specifications.  All necessary specifications can be obtained from the motor in less than a minute, even when the motor is not running.

Trouble-free and User Friendly Operation

Key components are designed for a life of over 10 years. Self-diagnostics prevent downtime. Simple configuration and operation with the FR Configurator program and oscilloscope and machine analysis functions. One-touch digital dial and 7 segment LED display.

Top-class Drive Performance in Harsh Environments

Vector control can be performed using a motor with an encoder*1. The inverter enables more precise torque control and position control*2, as well as fast response and highly accurate speed control (zero speed control and servo lock). *1. Requires an optional plug-in for encoder feedback control (FR-A7AP). *2. Only with a pulse train+code system

Continued delivery

Mitsubishi Electric will continue to deliver high-end large capacity inverters, expanding its lineup from the low-voltage to the medium-voltage range.

Power Supply – InputThree-phase 600V – 690V
Power Supply Voltage for Control CircuitAC380 – 480V 50/60Hz
Base Frequency60Hz
Cooling SystemForced air cooling
Protective Structure (JEM 1030 )Open type (iP00)
Output Frequency Range0.2 – 400Hz
CE ComplianceLVD / EMC
FM/CA OutputCA (current output)