Variable Speed Drive


The Power-Saving Inverters for Pump and Fan Applications


IP00 and IP20 protection ratings and IP54, splash and spray rating

Flexible control unit with Digital Dial for monitoring operating status and displaying alarms.

Comprehensive communications options, two serial ports and network cable connection

Long service life and simplified maintenance so that you can avoid unexpected failures

Up to 60% power savings

These inverters achieve massive power savings, particularly in the crucial low speed range and the braking and acceleration phases. For example, at a frequency of 35 Hz the inverter achieves a saving of 57 % over conventional solutions. Additional power savings of 10 % are achieved by Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative OEC (Optimum Excitation Control) technology, which ensures that the optimum flux is applied to the motor at all times.

Additional Information

Savings for ventilation and extraction systems: Ventilation and air extraction systems generally require very powerful motors. The intelligent motor control functions of the FR-F740/746 series reduce starting currents and thus also the peak load power costs. Similarly, the system also cuts costs in low load operation.

Maximum flexibility for pump systems: With their multi-motor function the FR-F740/746 inverters can autonomously integrate up to four motors in a pump system, using preset setpoint values. This highly-effective motor management is really useful in water supply systems requiring fast and flexible responses (e.g. for catering to sudden fluctuations in the demand for water).

Purpose-built for pumps and fans

More and more applications require open, flexible and fully scaleable drives. In applications like heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) there are additional demands that must be met, including user-friendliness, network support and, of course, maximum reliability. The drives must also be economical, with minimum operating costs and maximum energy savings. The frequency inverters of the FR-F740/746 series are a modern and intelligent variable-speed drive solution that can easily be integrated into modern building services automation systems. The FR-F740/746 series is particularly well suited for driving pumps and fans and for applications with reduced overloads, including: Air conditioning systems in buildings and industry, Ventilation and air extraction fans,  Drains systems, ground water pumps and heat pumps

Operating conditionsSpecifications
VoltageThree-phase, 380 – 500 V (-15 %/+10 %)
(below 75 kW to 480 V)
Ambient temperature
in operation
FR-F 740: -10 °C to +50 °C;
FR-F 746: -10 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature-20 °C to +65 °C
Ambient humidityMax. 90 % relative humidity (non-condensing)
AltitudeMax. 1,000 m above sea level
Protection ratingF740: IP00 from 30 kW, IP20 up to 22 kW;
F746: IP54
Shock resistance10 G (for 00023 to 03610); 0.3 G (for ≤ 04320)
Vibration resistanceMax. 0.6 G
CertificationsFR-F740: CE/UL/cUL/GOST