CC-Link Troubleshooting Guidance

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Create Date13th July 2020
Last Updated13th July 2020

Use of CC-Link has increased in FA fields with its outstanding high-speed and stable performance. The release of products compatible with “CC-Link Ver. 2”, having increased data volume, has made it possible to support various needs. We have prepared this Troubleshooting Guidance as reference for CC-Link users. Follow the procedures below when troubleshooting.

This guide includes the preliminary confirmation items, such as the system configuration, and the methods for confirming the trouble symptoms, to further clarify the troubleshooting procedures. CC-Link diagnosis using GX Works2/GX Developer is an easy way to confirm the symptoms. The methods for confirming with the link special register (SW) and buffer memory, and simple confirmation methods based on the LED status are also explained for situations when CC-Link diagnosis cannot be used.